Landis in Seattle

Floyd Landis is signing books tonight at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park @ 7 pm. I’m at a family picnic and can’t make it. If any of our readers are going, please leave comments.

UPDATE FROM ANDREW: My mom called me all excited today from the filming of KOMO TV Northwest Afternoon. It turns out Floyd stopped by the afternoon local variety show to explain his story and promote his book. They usually post their content on their site so I’ll link the clip once it’s up.

(Photo from ESPN.COM)

Holy cow - how did I miss this? It seems Floyd was cruising around Seattle yesterday with Jim Caple of ESPN.


Landis was on our local news with a soundbite of “focus on the riders in the current tour.”

It was a fun event. Floyd is a very pleasant,
personable speaker. He was very warmly received with a standing ovation. He spoke for about five minutes and answered questions for about 45. He was very candid and did not shy away from any subject. I have always leaned toward believing his innocence, and my view was not changed by seeing him in public.

The line to sign books was LONG, but he did not hurry, had a few nice words for everyone, signed anything that was put in front of him and posed for pictures with anyone who asked. I only had my cell phone with me but got a halfway decent picture.

Believe him or not - that’s a guy who WON THE TOUR taking his to time to snap photos and talk to everyone who came.  That’s impressive.

I agree - I’ve tended to believe him and the event strengthened that.  He was a very personable guy and very gracious with the line (it was long enough he may still be there).  He even talked through the Lemond phone trial mess candidly in response to a question.  He mentioned he snuck in a ride yesterday and loved it, so maybe he’ll be back?  In response to the big question of the night, he went for Shimano but to appease the boos pointed out “hey, I won the tour on Campy”.  In the line I asked what he’d do after he hangs up his wheels, and he’s thinking “keep racing”.  Who knows, maybe he’ll turn into Ned Overend or Monniger?  It would be nice to see him still involved in cycling. 

Had I gone, I would’ve gave him a Bike Hugger shirt!

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