Kozmo Messenger Bag

kosmo.jpg Marcus couldn’t be happier than scoring a Kozmo messenger bag off of eBay. I’ve seen these treasured bags in Seattle and San Fran. I don’t know more about their history, other than they were used by Kozmo messengers and last forever. I also periodically miss Kozmo and their tragic dotbomb. It sure was nice being able to call someone up to deliver fight club, a bag of chips, a pint of ice cream, and show up on a scooter wearing that cool bag.


I’ve been watching for one of these for a while. They been as high at $280!!! One just went for around $80 which is a cheap as I’ve seen.

I don’t know why I was so surprised when Kozmo.com tanked. They always had coupons—two pints of Ben & Jerrys and two movies for $5 doesn’t leave a lot of room for profit (but they’ll make it up on VOLUME! ;-)

Man, those were the good old days!

If I remember right, they over built their warehouses—no wait, that was the grocery store online, what was that called again?

WebVan.  The Accenture CEO left to take them over…then they crashed HARD.

That’s right! We used WebVan a few times and it was great as well, even with the limited selection and if I remember right they had the most amazing fly-out menus on a website ever. They drilled down like 12 levels or something.

Back to the bag, I was at a coffee shop near REI’s mother ship and stood in line with a cyclists that had a beat up old Kozmo bag and when asked he said they only thing he was thankful for, after working there and being laid off, was the bag. And he’d never give it up

Re: Webvan… and they were originally Homegrocer.com with the ice-cream/milk-style trucks decked out w/ bad-ass chrome door hinges.

I’ve actually seen a few Kozmo Ortlieb-style backpacks bags on the UW campus, too. Pretty sweet.

we have alot of HomeGrocer/WebVan/Kozmo folks at the Big Coffee Cup.

I miss being able to have a Snickers, a movie and a hotdog brought to my house.

It was HomeGrocer, I remember now, then WebVan, here’s [wayback article on it](http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/venture/layoff.asp?id=22).

also, for the designer types, the kozmo logo was one of hundreds of dotcom “running/jumping man” logos. The most famous being Cingular’s blobby, jumping man.

Of course, you will remember that even the Union Bay Cycling logo was made during that time frame and has that same “running/jumping/cycling man” style. It was very similar to the bikshop.com logo.

Well now, that was more [76 olympics inspired](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cycling_at_the_Summer_Olympics), the swooping imagery of that logo, and many like it, came [from this logo](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Olympic_pictogram_Cycling.png)


I believe that these bags were actually manufactured by chrome bags.

The logo is great but if you’are hunting ebay for one of these just because they’re durable i would check out chrome bags.


i got one. it stil has a muni ticket from 01 in it i ive in sf. ill sell this thing…

its in pefect cond. too

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