Korean Tourist Bikes

Met these tourists outside of Costco. They were fueling up for a ride between Seattle and San Diego. Check their equipment and notice those handle bags.

Korean Tourist Bikes


I did the Seattle-San Francisco ride Solo in ‘98.  A truly awesome experience, but I traveled far lighter than that. Just one small handlebar bag…and a credit card.  Hotels with hot tubs were huge.

I rode from Arcata, CA to Seattle summer of 2008.  You heard me, we rode NORTH on the coast.  I was using an old Bridgestone MB-4 that I found in a ditch and rehabilitated.  It was two sizes too small and was equipped with French city-style bars, with a Cetma doing the front cargo duty and a rusty Blackburn doing the rear.  I did everything “incorrectly” and it was the most fun I’ve ever had.

That’s what’s so great about cycletouring—there’s infinite ways of doing it and they all work fine.  Since then I bought an actual touring bike, though.

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