KONA 08 Ute

Spotted on kona.cz, by a hugga reader, the KONA 08 Ute – that’s just beautiful …



They’re taking over—I guess the obvious questions on the Ute are:

1) Will it be compatible with Xtracycle accessories?

2) More specifically, will it be compatible with CleverCycle’s StokeMonkey?

3) Why the derailleur instead of internal gearing?

4) Is that an approved passenger compartment on the back?

5) What’s the published weight limit?

Congratulations on what I think is the first out-the-door no-assembly-required production longbike!








I love the swooping lines of the downtube that extends past the rear drops then bends up to the rack.  I didn’t catch that until just now.  Very nice design and I like the “workman” green.

From what I can gather, no it’s not compatible with Xtracycle, or specifically made for Stokemonkey and the 29er choice I dig, but that’s not cargo specific.

And I’m all ok with that, the more SUBs the betta. One of the options with Bettie 2.0, or Bettie Lite, is just a straight up commuter and this looks like it’d do it very nice.

It’s very impressive.

That is a thing of beauty!

I think the Yuba Mondo is the first production LWB bike. This is rad, will they offer it in the US for 08? I think Giant is also plannig on offering one in 08.


We posted about the [Yuba Mondo](http://bikehugger.com/2007/06/yuba_mundo_utility_bicycle.htm) here and SUBs is my beat at Interbike next month.

I’ll bet xtra will have one there as they’re slated for release in October. Have you heard about the alleged Giant cargo? Will look forward to your coverage.


That’s very nice and we’ve covered it elsewhere. Search for Vanilla.

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