Keeping Austin Weird

There’s a concerted effort in Austin, not just a slogan or bumper sticker, to keep Austin Weird. Zombie traffic signs, rattlesnake bikes, confusing bikes like this, creepy-ass mannequins, and more. It’s a whole weird lifestyle there and one of the reason we bring the Mobile Social to town during SXSW.


Our urban ride will watch for Zombies.

Hat tip to Nick F for the Zombie news story.


Sometimes I really love my city.  This is one of those times.

Totally a few years back, I lost a few hours one night, not sure where they went, I was with Mike Davidson. I’ve been trying to get them back, 15 minutes each year.

Also, the whole *hugga* concept was born on a ride to [Creedmoor and back]( That’s where I saw a cactus growing out of a tree.

What’s confusing about it?  It’s a Conference Bike ( )  They’re fun, and you can rent them from Dutch Bike Seattle. You should try it sometime; maybe when it’s a bit sunnier than just now.

I hope they show up at our event .. .

I see that someone has read (and tried) the Addco sign hack tutorial from Boing Boing.  Bravo!!!

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