Jennie Reed’s sick track bike

Look Track

Seattle area Olympian Jennie Reed has a cool new bike for ‘09. She’s a track sprinter, so stout is of prime importance. It’s all super-aero’d out and the back end is so stiff I couldn’t even squeeze the rear drops at all. Her $800 Carbon track-bend bars were pretty darn cool too. I love swinging by my Local Bike Shop - you never know what you’ll see!

BTW - this thing isn’t so svelte. That much carbon gets a little hefty. Oh, and there are aparently only 50 of these bad boys being made. “No comment” was the response on how much the frame/fork cost.


A work of industrial art. That’s also my frame stiffness test, squeezing the rear end. Of course, product managers would totally argue that’s about as meaningless as holding the front brake and pushing the Bottom Bracket with your foot, but I disagree.

The link to the bars is borked, it looks like this is the right URL for it.

There’s a well established tradition of squeezing rear ends, but generally as the indicator of a different kind of stiffness.

Is nobody trying aluminum anymore?  I realize it doesn’t mold into (as-)pretty shapes, but it’s pretty competitive against these uber-stiff carbon frames, otherwise.  Anything goes at the professional level, but as the consumer who subsidizes that development and hopes for a trickle-down, how many hundreds of dollars per watt is it going to cost me?

Felt, Bianchi, Trek, and a few others offer aluminium track frames.  You can also get one from Orbea (custom geometry too) but it’s a special order.  I talked to Jennie at Marymoore one time years ago while the national team still rode alu bikes and she was really enthused about the switch to LOOK.  She showed me how her bike at the time had some alignment issues, which can easily happen when you weld big, non-round section aluminium.

I myself have a custom Orbea Lobular Pista, and that thing is completely spot-on for geometry.  Just perfect. Not THE most aero, but really most of aero is in the wheels and fork and I’m not national caliber.  But I just got a new 3T Funda Pro fork to test out.  More on that on a later post.

@Matt - thanks - fixed that link.

I’m sure once it’s built out with the Mavic IO and a Mavic Comete disc it’ll be PLENTY stiff..and carry a price tag of near $20k.

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