Jay Sycip joins Chris King

Jeremy Sycip emailed me today to say that his brother and co-founder of Sycip Design, Jay Sycip, has joined Chris King. Word has it that he will assist in bringing King’s Cielo frames to market. Bike Hugger wishes him the best of luck in his new adventures in Portland, Oregon. Hopefully, Bike Hugger can make it down to Portland to see the operation soon.


This at first perplexed me, then excited me greatly. As product manager, might he bring king’s already stellar line-up into the utility and urban bike world? Might we see generator hubs, drum brakes, and even IG hubs with the same precise engineering and social and ecological stewardship I admire king for? Can you imagine a weather-proof front drum hub in MANGO? Freakin awesome. This is triggered, of course by sycip’s consistant forays into practical and utility bicycle designs. Let’s hope chris is willing to rattle the industry a bit and offer quality alternatives to hard-to-find sturmey and sram offerings.

Exactly. Sky Yeager told me once that the first one to manufacture an enclosed, internal drivetrain would win. Urban cyclists are making their own drop-bar Nexus. And I’ve been saying, 2x3 or something.

Sycip’s leaving Santa Rosa? :(

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