Is that an iPhone in your Jersey Pocket?

What amazed me the most (and there was plenty of amazingness) about Apple’s iPhone announcement, is that I was thinking, “who cares about an mp3 phone, or a ‘smart phone!’” The sweet spot is taking your home folder on the road with you, in your hand or jersey pocket and that’s what Apple designed. Just amazing. I was hoping for an “internet communicator.”

I’ve held onto my Sony Ericsson T-616 for more than 3 years waiting for a product like this. I kept the Sony in part because of the small size and feature set. In it’s day, it was a benchmark of design – works as phone, nearly worthless mMode aside, and as a GPRS bluetooth modem for quick email checks in an airport or on the road. And mostly if fits inside a Timbuk2 strap pouch, which fits right inside of my jersey pockets.

Here’s how the iPhone announcement unfolded with photos and all the features. As soon as it’s available, I’m buying it and riding with it. Check the demo from Apple’s site.



That thing is amazing, but it brings up a bigger issue: iPod transport.  I typically go with one of these
Omniseal plastic wallets, but with a small Sorb-IT silica gel packet to keep any condensation out.  I do the same for my phone and wallet - otherwise I get very strange responses from the buttons I press.

Pretty rad device. It’s unusual for me, but I feel as though I need one.

What I like best about the demo is how they just hang up on Starbucks.

I was thinking if that Starbucks has gotten calls from the head office saying, “who talked to Jobs?”

Check the updates on the phone from me on Textua Design and <a>Glenn F for the Seattle Times</a>.

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