Introducing the Sutro

Introducing the Sutro Bicycle Frame from Mission Bicycle Company.

A uniquely urban bike and one I’m riding while in Austin. Lightboxed photos on G+ and more details.


Hmmm…skinny tires, no fenders, no lights, no chain guard. What exactly makes this a good bike for urban use? Other than the IG hub I fail to see what’s so special about this bike. But hey, the video is cute so props for that.

@cyclocross more to report when I’ve ridden it. It’s not Missions style to say this bike is “special” more like “we took the fixed-gear aesthetic and made it more approachable with an IGH in a hilly city.” As a design study, it’s very interesting and we’ve built up drop-bar nexus bikes here. To your points, a fixie doesn’t have fenders, lights or chain guards either, so this wouldn’t; also no logos. As long as the tires are 27-32 ok. I’m more concerned with how balanced it is—as we learned with the Modal in Integrated mode, the bike bounced around with the heavy rear and light front end. Also, shifting on Nexus and Afline is not like a road group; obviously and takes some getting used to, if a cyclists is expecting to zip around on it.

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