Internally Geared Hub Collection

Every internally geared hub ever made. Maybe the Browning SmartShift wasn’t represented.

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You’re missing the Schlumpf geared unicycle hubs!  They’re all the rage!

The Browning SmartShift isn’t an internal hub, so you’re golden.  I also can’t imagine you have every version of the Sturmey Archer or Sachs hubs - there were tons.  For that matter, what about the BikeSmith / Val custom two speed fixed conversion?

Note: that is Val’s collection shown at Aaron’s bike shop.

Actually, it’s Aaron’s display of stock new and reconditioned hubs.  He did wind up with my collection, and those that are not in saleable condition are stored elsewhere in the shop, but the 2 speed conversion is so sought after that there are no examples available for display.  It’s an impressive pile of hubs, any way you look at it.

Will we ever see these replace external hubs? If not, what’s the limiting factor?

Hey there Byron,  You didn’t ask me about the Browning.  I have that hidden away!  Actually, all I have is a 4 speed cassette.

Browning is a good idea, but suffers from marketing SNAFUs.

My old head mechanic Chad Palmer, left me to go to work for Browning on Bainbridge Island in the early 2000s.

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