Interbike 08: Pump Hub

Galen, our Interbike video blogger, interviewed Kevin Manning at the Phil Wood booth about his Pump Hub. It works sort of like a self-inflating tire

The Pump Hub is a bicycle tire pump that fits into a wheel (specifically the wheel hub) and operates through rotation of the wheel. The pump is turned on by pushing a button, riding the bike pumps up the tire. When the tire is fully inflated, the pump shuts off.



This is a great invention, I see a lot of people being able to use this to help meet their needs and make their riding experience easier.

One has to hope that the unit would be adjustable and not a “one pressure suits all”

For urban and cargo, I can see this working. I think that possibly a roadie, the same dude that’d spend money on a Phil Wood hub, wouldn’t want that weight or complexity. While replacing a flat requires a shop a lift and is about an hour job with Bettie, a self-inflator would help. Better yet, it’s tubeless tires.

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