Integrated u-lock

Kryptonite lock core is built into steerer tube. Fits ubiquitous Portland “staple” bike rack perfectly. Handmade “pear” key fob. An entrant in the Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge.

Also see the integrated light.


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and tony won!

As cool as that is, a bit limiting if the racks are full, which presumably happens in Portland a lot. More interesting is the intergrated lights and wish more bike builders would do that.

Actually, the lock goes in a pocket on the front bag when riding. My issue with the lock is what happens if the rack you are locking to does not interface with the bike right at that level. Then, you have to bring another lock which defeats the purpose.

Appreciate the innovation and that’s what I was thinking.

I also love the matching pump.  Does anyone sell frame pumps in custom colors?

That’s a standard feature on custom bikes with paint, you get the pump to match. You could probably ask a custom shop to match a pump to your current bike, if that’s what you’re thinking.

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