In the bike shop: Schwinn Girl

Schwinn Girl popped into the bike shop with a loose shifter cable. We all agreed the bike was way older than her and it was a 50s or 60s era Varsity. She was convinced it was from the 80s, but loved the bike just the same and for her it seemed like a fashion statement.



whoa. a girl came into your bike shop?

ha; not my bike shop, elliott bay, but they are downtown, on Western so lots of girls come in—especially with the art school a block away.

I love those old fillet brazed Schwinns. My vote would be mid to late sixties.


I was hoping someone could identify that frame, see this photo for [a better look]( I found the [Schwinn Lightweight Databook](, but wasn’t able to identify the frame farther.

that is a 80’s varsity. electro forged not brazed. look at the wet rim warning sticker thats a 80’s thing.


That’s right it’s electo-forged, which as [Sheldon Brown says](, “were among the most bomb-resistant bikes ever built, and they were built with unique technology “

Post Chicago for sure… that makes it late late 70’s or into the 80’s.  Still could be older than her though.

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