In Bag options for Donut Transportation

Bag_Donut.jpg If you’re anything like me you look forward to Fridays with eager anticipation. Not just because it’s the end of the week, it’s also Donut Day! And if you’re anything like me, you feel obligated to do the long ride to work on Donut Day to make up for such indulgences. Which raises an interesting question… How do you fit a dozen donuts on a stripped down, clean, urban bike? Sure the donut store will give you a cardboard box to strap on your rack, but I’m not riding my longtail in just to haul donuts. No, no, these donuts have to go in the messenger bag with everything else. Here’s what I came up with earlier this morning: two yogurt containers and a cardboard oatmeal tube. It fit a dozen Mighty-O’s perfectly. No crushing despite a full bag and hard contents, all the donuts with sprinkles had the majority of their sprinkles intact, and those with icing didn’t even suffer from being stacked under their icing free siblings.


I remember seeing a CD/DVD spindle being re-purposed for donuts/bagels. The spindle might have a larger diameter than the containers you are using however… but… you do get to see the yummy goodness.

Please remove this post as I have, to this point, been able to use the, “I’m on the bike and you’re in the car so there is no way I could buy the donuts and bring them to work.” excuse.

If this gets out, I’m going to have a lot of explaining to do.

You’ve hit a subject near and dear to my heart!!

Beyond biking (which I’m relatively new to), cooking and baking are “my things.” Constantly new delectables I’ve created make their way into the office..But ever since the Blue Beauty came into my life, I’ve constantly struggled with how to get them there in one piece, while at the same time having their encapsulator not digging into my back..

You my friend have come up with a wonderful solution to not only transporting donuts (cept the frosted kinds), but for cookies as well!  Now if I could only figure out how to ensure that coffee cakes and the like don’t get destroyed!!!

Thanks for the great advice!

Apologies on letting the cat out of the bag all!

Aimee: Here you go—

I found a pair at my local Fred Meyer for $4 a pop.

I would have done something similar with the donuts, and I doubt my suggestion would help with baked goods, but since we’re on the subject of transporting fragile foods I’ll share an experience I had this summer. (As if you asked.)

I do some gardening, and this year had a lot of extra tomatoes. Even when packed in a crush-proof container (a large plastic wide-mouthed jar, originally containing 5lbs of peanuts) they tended to resemble a bunch of leaky water balloons after riding to work on the rack of my bike. Not the nicest gifts from a proud gardener. If the container was filled with water, however, they arrived nice and firm (and clean too.)

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