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Header_Logo_S07.gif Ibex sent us arm and knee warmers and a jersey to try out. I took the New Zealand Merino wool clothes with me to Santa Barbara. It was thankfully warm in SBA and I didn’t wear the warmers for very long, but did note during the ride that they were well-constructed and offer a unique blend of wool, nylon, and Lyrca. They’re also made in the USA.

Temperature regulation is always tough in wet, cold climates (and Seattle has been the wettest and coldest this year!) and I think Ibex would meet the demand for training rides, commutes, and recreational rides. The material is probably too thick for hard riding, but I’ll need to long-term test that factor on a colder, pouring, suffering ride to make sure.

What’s interesting about Ibex and their competitors, is that wool is back. Well, it could be argued that it never left, but back in the day all you had to wear was wool, including shorts! One of my all-time favorite jerseys is an ancient Santini St. Raphael. I bring it out on frosty, yet sunny mornings and it’s liberating to just wear that, unzip when it warms up, and not get all technically layered up. I also exclusively wear SmartWool socks to keep my feet cool and comfortable.

The Fausto Lightweight Jersey Ibex also sent us feels like old St Raphael, but lighter and more comfortable – the pockets could be more generous in the back, but overall it’s a nice addition to the cycling wardrobe and well designed and blended. It’s not scratchy, very comfortable, and it actually doesn’t really feel like wool. Here’s an idea for Ibex: make a light wool track suit, for just lounging around, after riding.

Are you wearing wool now? Have an old favorite in the closet?


I have been wearing wool for years and am constantly pleased with the results.  My favorite is a Swobo jersey that I have had for about 6 years and it still looks great.

Another great thing is that wool some how magically does not stink all that much.  I can wear a wool jersey on my commute to work and then home and not smell like a locker room.

Long live wool.

No stink is right, especially good for traveling.

Almost exclusively wool jerseys for me these days, thanks.  Have two old Swobos that are super comfy and hanging in there nicely.  My Ibex arm warmers and accessories are great, but the jersey is cut huuuuuge.  Sags like crazy after a few minutes.  Cut could be more “euro”.

I’ve also got a merino wool jacket with a nylon front. Not sure how old it is, probably the 70s, and it works amazingly well. It’s ratty, beat up, and looks ancient, but the windproof front combined with the wool, it’s a very versatile jacket.

One criticism of wool, which works amazingly well in the rain, is the weight. But I think smart blending like Ibex and others are doing addresses most of that problem.

I’m with you on the socks for sure. I wear SmartWool nearly all the time, even when I’m not working out. Have an Ibex Fausto jersey as well that I like so far. It’s actually cut tight on me, but I’m on the large side for skinny cyclists. Want to try their wool knickers.

My sock drawer is exclusively SmartWool socks for travel, sport, just wearing around—I dont’ see that Ibex is selling socks, but they should!

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