I see your bus bike racks…

…and I’ll raise you taxicab mounted bike racks.taxi%20bike%20racks.jpg

Seattle’s buses all have bicycle racks mounted on them, but I have never heard of nor seen racks on taxis before seeing this one in Taipei.

On one hand, it seems like an excuse to burn petrol in order to transport an emissions-less vehicle. On the other, I can state from personal experience that there are times that putting a bike on a taxi can be really handy. The only other time I’ve been to Taipei, I got absolutely lost. I had to go to a police kiosk and ask for help back like a moron. They called a taxi to take me back to the hotel, since I was miles from there.


This is a neat rack because you can still open the trunk easily with it mounted.  Do you know of anyplace they are available retail in the US?  Or a US distributor?  I was able to find one on ebay by searching for “trunk top bike carrier” (shipped from Taiwan).

According to Copenhagenize ( http://tinyurl.com/5sg69d ) every taxi in Copenhagen has a bike rack.  Apparently every fare is likely to have a bike that needs transport, too.

In my area, the local taxi company has some taxis that are minivans, which can take a bicycle with a bit of trouble (usually involving removing the front wheel).  Bike racks would be way more convenient.

Other reasons a bike rack on the taxi is useful:

1: broken bike.  Some taxi fare is cheaper, lighter, smaller and more versatile than any conceivable “repair kit”.  Well, maybe not cheaper, but certainly still pretty cheap.  This is what i recommend as a repair kit to people starting out bike commuting: taxi fare plus tip plus the cell phone you already carry.

2: unexpected weather shift.  suddenly it’s raining and you’re 6 miles from home, an hour after the last bus (because it’s a sunday and that’s not all that late) without your rain gear and spending $15 to get home suddenly doesn’t sound so bad.  Or expected to be headed home at 3pm and instead it’s after dark and you don’t have lights with you.  (had the combined version of this happen once)

3: traveling with somebody who doesn’t have a bike

4: just plain tired or running slow or something like that…

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