Human powered commuting across the Puget Sound

Here I’ve been feeling so sorry for myself riding the roads in the cold weather, and not one but two dudes have been riding the sound this winter and for many winters past . I’m don’t see myself giving up my spot on the bus for a water bike on my short trip across Lake Washington, but I’m definitely impressed. Thanks to Bill for the tip! The aqua bikes seem like a very good option for a trip on the sound, stable and reliable, maybe a bit pokey. Turns out there are lots of options. If I’m gonna compete with the water skiers next to the SR-520 floating bridge I think I’ll have to get me one of these and those 6-pack abs I asked for for Christmas. For those with a bit of spare time, here’s a DIY.


I can’t believe you missed this one:
  Locally distributed, and it uses your current bike!  Looks similar to the one homeboy is using on the Sound, but you don’t need another bike stashed on the far side.

Before we moved the shop, I used to cut across a lake sometimes on my commute, but nothing like this.  Conditions had to be just right - enough ice thickness, and not so much snow cover that I couldn’t ride across.

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