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Bike Hugger JerseyI commute most days. I’ve become accustomed to a much smaller commuting population in the winter months, but this year there appears to be a pretty solid lift in numbers. As I wind my way out of downtown at night there’s a pretty steady stream of folks working their way along the bike-friendly routes.

Last night, as I was cruising up Eastlake I rolled up on a guy and greeted him with an “evening” as I passed him. Not a second later I got a big, “Hey BikeHugger!”. I had my green kit on and the guy (Mike) was a reader. He started commuting this summer and has been diligent about sticking to it. He lives up past UW by Sand Point and has been commuting home most every night (he takes the bus down in the morning). He’s lost 20 pounds and says he’s never felt better. Very cool - and sort of exciting to see that the Hugger is getting recognized!


I too started commuting regularly this summer and hoped to keep it up during the winter, but I haven’t.  As of now I don’t have a head light, and I’m not sure what I need.  I’ve seen lights that I like that are $200+, but I see a lot of people around town with what looks like low powered leds.  How about a post going over the minimum recommendations for riding safer in the city during winter nights?

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To start - get a good rear light.  The best bang for your buck I’ve found is the Planet Bike Superflash.  For the front, I’m pretty comfortable with a small blinky white light on lit roads, but I’ve recently upgraded to dual MiNewt Nightriders.  I’ll try to put something together a little more formal.

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