Huggacast Episode Thirty Three: Blogging Shanghai Day One

Video from day one in Shanghai at the Intel Developer Forum and riding the Bund.


Cycling-savvy Intel employees want to know: what is Bike Huggr doing at IDF? Looks like fun whatever it is!

At our [day jobs]( (Textura Design publishes Bike Hugger), we’re bloggers and social media strategists and are here supporting Intel, also riding all over the place, and blogging it up. Last year about this time we were in [Beijing](/tag/beijing) and later [Taipei](/tag/taipei).

The context is the **mobile social**: we’re mobile on our bikes, with technology, and web 2.0 apps and there’s a lot more coming; especially with the next-gen mobile apps and Atom-powered devices (those were just unveiled about 2 minutes, including a [Lenovo MacbookAir]( competitor).

I can go on-and-on about, but there’s really a common thread of cycling wherever we travel, just like meeting up with [Crash Test Dummy blog]( last night, spotting [a fellow Dahon cyclist](, and getting into [the flow]( of a town.

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