Huggacast 80: Kona

Hugga rode Kona on the Big Island.

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Byron, looking at that makes me jealous for SUN!  What is your experience with Ibike Pro?  I could never get the ibike to work correctly…ended up with a powertap.

I’m still dealing with the difficulty of riding in 80s and sun and returning to rains and flooding . . . feel lucky to have been there.

See my initial iBike review here: [iBike Pro III: Simpler Power]( A long-term review is planned and I’ll put the iBike onto my rain bike this weekend.

For the record, it’s the town/city of Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

noted and edited the text.

Just caught the Huggacast through my youtube subscription.  Gotta recommend the “high quality” version.  Also gotta say it left me wanting to see more!  On the other hand, as a surfer, I find the idea of going to Hawaii to ride somewhat entertaining!  :-)




Thanks. We’ve ridden both Maui and Kona—Kona has better riding, while Maui’s got the beaches. Our routine is to ride in the morning, eat, then beaches in the afternoon and to bed early at night. For us, it’s eat, sleep, ride with bonus beach time.

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