Huggacast 67: Pam’s Pink Bike

Pam’s got a new rain bike and it’s pink … really pink.

The pink bike – aka “Mary Kay”– was made by Davidson Handbuilt Bicycles and painted with matching fenders.

Build Notes

Also for you blogging geeks, that’s using the Kodak Zi6 camera.


Holy crap that’s pink, but in quite a good way.  I saw Pam on her ride into work this morning and that thing is art.  I especially like the gold accents.

When building a pink buy, one must go all out, embracing the pinkness . . . I was unsure when I first saw the frame and as a complete bike, I’m stunned by it. It’s rolling art.

SWEET! Absolutely LOVE the pink bike.  Rob…I want one….it must be PINK!  Is Pam going to get a pink helmet?  What about pink shoes?  Pink metallic shoes….ooohhhhhh

I don’t know about that blue headset… can’t you do something about that?

BTW, I watched the video w/o sound, so if you addressed the issue there, I missed it.

Yes—a pink king has been ordered. Blue was a placeholder.

It´s a nice bike.
The Italian brand SMP Saddles has a women specific white and pink or a black and pink saddle, we are the Portuguese distributors, if you want i can send you a picture

Jagwire makes a pink cable set

Terry makes pink women’s saddles.  I recall seeing some at Freewheel Bike in Minneapolis.

This might be hard to find but Chris King had a pink headset for breast cancer awarness that would look good on that bike.

Good tip on the cable set and we found pink tires and pink replacement fenders. Unsure if we can get a pink headset now and will default to black, if not. Pink, Black, Gold should work just fine.

I have some pink cables to which you are welcome.  80s “vintage”, even.

Jagwire makes pink mountain bike cables that will work on a road bike, Terry makes a pink saddle, and Velocity makes pink rims and bottle cages.  I have all of this on my bike now.

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