Huggacast 49: Sneak Peak of Bianchi 2009

Last month I snuck into Bianchi USA HQ in Hayward, California. They have all of the new 2009 bikes tucked away in a room, but I didn’t have to drop in from a skylight to get to them. I saw some tasty items but I couldn’t ride them because A) No 49cm sizes and B) these are meant to be the show bikes for Interbike.

For 2009, the Mono-Q carbon road race bike compliments the more expensive T-Cube and SL (now called Superleggera) , the Gran Fondo-style 928 C2C carbon gets some sweet graphics, there’s a carbon CX bike, and strong offerings (particularly steel) below $2K for the everyman.

IMG_5729.jpg For the upcoming cyclocross season, Bianchi debuts a full-carbon CX bike, the D2 Cross Carbon (pictured above and below).


Bianchi also brings back the Pinella frameset, a top-level steel road frame built with Dedacciai superlight Boron steel tubing (next two pics).


pinella%20head.jpg In fact, Bianchi reaffirms its faith in the steel bicycle, with a return of the Imola (with Shimano Tiagra) and Vigorelli (Shimano 105) in the mid-priced range. These bikes feature triple cranks, a feature that makes them rare in the age of the compact double but that is sure to enhance the versatility of these bikes with many riders.


terrible soundtrack IMO. Bianchi has some issues to address over model types and frame build, it’s about their distribution, it really sucks, especially in Canada.

While not my first choice in music, Mark did shoot some good video there and content.

next time I’ll be sure to skip The Dismemberment Plan in favour of some quality Top 40 music…perhaps the talented Miley Cyrus or maybe some timeless Manilow….

Mark, my last import was a heavily paid Diplo vs Santogold mixtape. I am listeing to Lyndstrom right now and saw NO AGE play live a couple of weeks ago. I am an old man. I’ve been listening to music since in diapers. One thing I can respect is the fact that music is a question of personnal taste, but some music just does not pass that line, that piece was absolute annoying shiat and certainly not something to tag along great visuals (this is why some folks make movie soundtrack). Thank you.

N.B. I still stand by the fact that Bianchi has terrible distribution and find humour on their take about the soft high end market. Could be true but it sure ain’t because they tried…

great site

Bianchi needs to rethink their decals.  What’s up with the stupid squares and rhombuses running up and down the CX?  For an Italian-born company , they sure know how to uglify a bike.

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