Huggacast 131: Pango Folding Helmet

Dahon’s folding, travel helmet.


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I’m serious when I said that the Pango helmet was the coolest thing at Interbike.  Gotta get me one of them…

That thing is slick and also exciting to see.  Developments like this incrementally lower the hurdle to getting more people routinely on bikes.  The “helmet necessary vs. unnecessary” debate will simmer on, but the easier helmets get to use, the less relevant the debate is.

It really is. I wear a helmet and the problem with travel is a helmet takes up a helluva lot of space. The perfect pack for us bike travelers is getting the helmet in the case and I have one helmet that does it. Here’s [one with my Modal]( and another with [the Dahon]( I have one old Limar that does that. New, even more ventilated helmets will not fit.

The giro Ionos helmet I brought to Interbike for riding was so big it took up half my carry-on bag. As soon as I played with this helmet, I wished I had one of my own.

+1.  I’d love to get something like this that’s easy to bring with for a trip when maybe I’m renting a bike or bringing a travel bike.

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