Hugga Wool T

Made for us by Ibex, the Hugga Wool T is the latest addition to our Hugga Comfort line.

Best Uses

Apres cycling – everyday wear, lightweight for warmer weather, and layering.


Tech Specs

  • 18.5 Micron Merino wool
  • 150 g/m2 (lightest weight)
  • Semi-fit
  • Bike Hugger Logo
  • Machine washable
  • Made in USA.

Size and Fit


Hugga green logo on black.

Limited quantities

On sale 11/28/08 for $49.00 USD.



Woot! Got my request / order in!

Right on with the pre-order. These shirts are very nice. I’ve been wearing the Q-T, Ibex’s first version last spring and on cooler summer days. We worked with Ibex for months on this T—sure it’s just a t-shirt, but it’s screened Merino wool!

love this.  Wool is so awesome.  It’s a totally renewable fiber source (so you don’t need to wear soda bottles - aka fleece), and it’s the perfect wicker.  Some babies who don’t wear diapers wear wool shorts, it keeps all the liquids away, keeping baby’s skin dry. Wool wicks away the sweat making this the perfect layering piece.  Can’t wait to get mine.

Pleeease tell me the wool t is still available? I was thinking I needed a Hugga t, but am more interested in something wool :)

We got ‘em, just a few left.

This is such a great idea! I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner. Would you consider doing a run with ladies’ cut?

Thank you—we spent a ton of time on it and wanted to test market to see if there was interest in a Wool T and we learned there is! We contacted Ibex this week and are acquiring women’s sizing. Don’t know if we can get them at that price, but working on it. Please stay tuned.

Any left? The link doesn’t seem active.


Find [the linkage here](  . . on the sale page and that’s extended through 12/26.

Got my shirt yesterday, so far I have had only 6 compliments on it.  However I don’t care I love it and will order another when and if you make more.

We’ll have shirts and more. Thanks for the comment.  We really appreciate it.

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