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While the “worst traffic ever” media coverage builds in Seattle, I heard one mention of “ride your bike,” on the news last night, the Seattle Times offered cycling tips, and mentioned Cascade’s “bike buses,” groups of riders will meet in outlying neighborhoods and pedal downtown together (more on that, when we find the details).

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Cascade has a thread about the bike buses here: Cascade Community Forum

“Cascade Bicycle Club is working to help commuters bypass the ugly traffic congestion that is predicted to occur when WSDOT closes two of the five northbound lanes on I-5 between Spokane St. and I-90. Around the clock lane closures begin the evening of August 10th and continue through August 29th.
(For more details on the closure go to: SpokaneStreetBridgeRepair )

Cascade is organizing “Bike-Busses” leaving from various Park & Ride lots in South and East King County.

If you’re not familiar with the “Bike Bus” concept, please take a look at the Australian website to get an idea of what we’re suggesting. It’s basically a group ride led by a “driver” (that’s you) and “passengers” can get on at the starting point and may include other riders “jumping on” as the Bike Bus passes through their neighborhood.

We want to start offering organized Bike Busses on Friday morning, August 10th and continue them through August 29th. “

Excellent, I couldn’t find that at all on Cascade’s site.

I don’t commute from the south, but I’m sure i’ll be leading a bus in ~2010 when they have to tear down 520.  The north end commute is going to be NUTS!

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