How they Roll

While we debate kits v. plain clothes and some are riding in tweed as the new old thing, dude shows up at the local Tuesday worlds racing in gym shorts and a tee.

how_they_roll_ 2.jpg

He’s got series points.

Meanwhile, Jeremy made this silly pig-and-a-top hat helmet cover.

how_they_roll_ 1.jpg


Is it really worth a debate? Are we debating what some other guy wears because we want control what we see (e.g., OMG did I just look at his crotch?! Does that make me gay? He really shouldn’t wear tight lycra, cause that’s challenging my sexuality)? Or are we debating what we can wear ourselves so that we can validate our choice?

Wear what works for you.

The point is, *wear whatever you want* and we think the lyrca v. plain clothes debate is bogus. Who cares. Here we race, commute, tour, fixed, single, Cross, cargo; thus the title of the blog and what we do. The community as a whole, divides itself along imaginary lines when the bike is much more of a common denominator. You’d think a guy showing up at the highly competitive Tuesday Nighter would get laughed out of there, right? Nope. Dude shows up races and gets results.

Silly helmet cover? We thought it was cool and the cyclists made it himself.


I figured that was the point you were making… my comment does sound a bit bitchy tho. Combination of pre-coffee crankatude and some level of frustration at the people I run into that do seem to care about this “debate”.

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