Hotspur with Mad Fiber

A Fiber Ride

Putting some miles in on the Hotspur with Mad Fibers before the first cross race

That’s the Hotspur shown with a thousand gram wheelset that costs about 3K, with no weight limit. Impressive features for a wheel that isn’t made with a modern aerodynamic shape. They are light and blowy, like a Subaru WRX to an Volvo XC70. You want to spin up fast with a rough ride around corners or roll the open road at top speed? I’d throw these into turn of the local crit without hesitation and use another wheelset for a road race. Built on stout, smooth hubs, the Mad Fibers have no drift in turns and corner like they’re on rails.

In a couple weeks, Mark V will tear those Contis off and glue up another set of Cross tires.

mad fiber with fork

Sound just like Spinergy Rev-Xs did, just lighter and tighter

In a Cross race is where I expect the fibers to excel because it doesn’t take much effort to spin them up repeatedly. Like I told Rik, “I’m going to ride the shit out of these wheels.”


Hey Byron - so what do you think about the Al / Carbon wheel layups for race wheels? Specifically the HED Jet’s, Bontrager Aura’s and the like? They seem to get good reviews - do they hold up?

Looking for a clincher aero wheel (triathlon / TT), but also want to ride them every day (can’t stomach buying wheels to have them mostly sitting in a bag for race day only). Also live in CO and am now sufficiently indoctrinated into the carbon clincher scare.

I ask because cross seems to be the most credible sport with regard to durability and performance of wheels.


We’ve ridden thousands of miles on Jets and even reviewed them here, including when Hed launched the C2 platform that others eventually followed. In Cross, we only run tubulars to get thelow pressure. Clinchers and Tubeless are much better, but you can’t run them as low reliably. We’re big fans of Hed because of their emphasis on the toroid shape and price. At the high end (as with most gear), it really comes down to characteristics of the wheel v. one being better than another.  Enve and Reynolds have addressed the carbon clincher issue, but if you want alum rims with a wing, the Jet 6 or 9 is a great wheel. Hed makes the Bontragers.

Did not know that HED made the Bontragers. Good to know!

Thanks Byron!

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