Hook ‘em Horns & Yellow Devil

Having watched glimpses of the sport for years on ESPN, ABC, and then finally full-coverage on OLN then Vs, it’s great to see more fans on the roads embracing the Euro tradition of crazy outfits.


Hook’em horns guy, superheroes, the Pope, Grim Reaper, and so on. It also wasn’t too long ago, that police tackled fans during the San Francisco Grand Prix cause they didn’t get the whole, “run and cheer them on” thing.


The Tour of California has seen the Yellow Devil with his Live Clean jersey and syringe poker.

I wasn’t able to find photos of the Yellow Devil. Anyone?

As these fans express their new-found fandom, I expect some of the dumber ones are going to experience the other tradition of being run over by a race moto or stiff-armed by a racer.

Hook ‘em Horns guy photo credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images North America; Pope, Reaper photo credit: BBC News.


“Runnin’” is cool as long as you are safe. Can’t tell you how many times I saw runners at Brasstown Bald stop their run/push in the middle of the road and almost crash a rider coming up behind them.

My favorite though, was the number of runners who followed Mario Cipollini up Brasstown the year he raced Georia. It looked like Pamplona and the Running of the Bulls with all the people coming down the road.

And didn’t Cipo get Mardi Gras style flashes from women fans?

I think the guy with the antlers goes by “moose man”. My favorite moose man moment was last year during the Vuelta when Flecha stole his flag, waved it for a while, then threw it away. The reaction from Moose Man was priceless.

Moose Man movie.

Is moose man different than hook ‘em horns? I guessed it was hook ‘em horns, cause he wears the Texas Jersey.

Let’s be clear here. Didi Senft, the TdF “diablo”- totally euro. He actually is such an institution, I’ve seen him riding in sponsors’ cars in the Caravan, kissing the podium girls for the press, and in the starting grid, a privilege usually reserved for race officials and the riders themselves.

This imposter, whether he makes a valid point or not, is just that- mere imitation.

Didi has a giant bike as well and you make good points. On TV, he looked antagonistic and check the [photo sequence](http://magliarosa.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/diabo-moderno/) for how close he was and with the snow there before Lance takes him out.

Total shout out for Didi! The dude even has his own website: The Devil’s Website

Nobody beats the Devil!

The yellow devil, in my opinion, violated the most basic ethic of a true cycling fan- stay out of the freaking way regardless of your personal enthusiasm.
these guys, love them or hate them, are giving their all trying to make a living as professional cyclists. no true fan would ever do anything to risk causing a pile-up- regardless of their feelings toward a single rider.
Yellow Devil is a chump (not a fan and no Didi contender)- and Lance is the hero here for taking him out with such surgical precision as to avoid any collateral damage.
ride on. Oh- and hook ‘em horns, eh?!

Very Cool.I will tell my friend about this. Thanks

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