Honor the stop—comitting to riding legal

Honor_the_stop_wristband.jpg Honorthestop.org is making is personal. Wear the colors, get the card and take the pledge to obey all roadway laws and to respectfully encourage others to do the same. They were recently featured in the New York Times. The campaign isn’t just for cyclists, it’s for all roadway users.

Marc Evans started the campaign after an on-duty sherriff’s deputy killed Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson who were training for a triathlon.

Good to see these guys stepping up to the plate and making a personal commitment to riding safely and legally.


What no magnetic stickers? I hear those are really effective agents for change too!

Really, while I respect the thought, this seems like a useless gesture useless the purpose is to help further support the plastic bracelet industry. Now if he was using the money for promoting community bicycle safety training classes or some such then I would be all for this. As it stands, it’s as meaningless as the abstinence pledges ( http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2005-03-18-sex-study_x.htm ).

why is it “honor the stop” and not “honor the limit”?  or, given the case in question: “honor the double yellow”?

I think it’s an effort to react to the deaths. I wondered about it as well and even though we’re promoting RideCivil here, to ride defensively you must not obey all laws at all times.

I rather agree with Colin: This is a lot of symbolism, not much practical benefit.

I’m also concerned about the possible division within the bicycling community: “I’m a person who stops…” The bracelet becomes a badge of virtue, and there is already too much self-righteousness among some bicyclists already.

Bicyclist and motorist behavior is entirely consistent; some obey traffic laws, most don’t. The point, however, is that motorists create a greater hazard and have a greater duty of care.

I’m with Byron on this one. I went to some pains to explain to the press that we’d be riding safely, rather than 100% legally. I’m not sure they got the distinction.

And when I say personal in the original post, I think that’s exactly what this is. The guy who started the campaign had 2 friends killed, it’d be personal for me too.

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