High Socks for Cross


Cross season is here, and so is something else: the knee-high socks. I don’t really get the “why” with these things. Is it just aesthetic? Does it provide some shin protection when you pull a re-mount nutter? Is it a women-only thing (I think it is?)? What’s up?

If you’re into this sort of thing - Sock Dreams appears to have the goods.


um, i’m good with this….

Cross-specific kit may not be, but high socks are definitely a violation of The Rules.

I’m with Mark, but only on the ladies.

The dude abides by “the rules” and as I said on Twitter earlier today, “Memo to Tall Sock wearers: ‘member when the Red Hot Chili Peppers were unknown SoCal Junkies? Wore tall socks too, but not on their feet.

yes, that’s true, but they were also doing more drugs than the entire nation of Belgium but they weren’t riding bikes.  if i were that f’ed up, maybe i’d think wearing tube socks on my dingdong might be a good fashion statement too…though i haven’t, in case you were wondering…worn tube socks on my dingdong

Glad someone got my socks on your dingdong reference . . .maybe they only know the Peppers, as award-winning rock superstars.

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