Hello, my name is Alberto.  I like your wheels.

It’s late Friday, and you get a phone call from some guy named Alberto. He wants 2 of your new specialty, for to be delivered. To Spain. What do you do?

Hed 3D.jpg

First you look at the name of your employer’s business. If the building says Domino’s and there’s a beat up Dodge outside that smells of stale pizza, it’s a prank call. Hang up.

However, if the name of the business is Hed Cycling and there’s a bus outside that Lance Armstrong paid to have painted in Livestrong colours, the guy on the phone is the only active racer to have won all three Grand Tours. Send him what he wants, wherever he wants it.

Contador wheels.jpg

Hell, I’d send him a pepperoni pizza if he asked, but if he’s calling Hed it’s probably because he wants some Hed 3D wheels.

Well, get those wheels stickered and packed up! Those wheels aren’t gonna ship themselves across the Atlantic, now are they?

Contador label.jpg


I didn’t think it was the wheels that made Contador so fast.

In point of fact, the wheels are part of it.  No one in the top ten of ToC time trials is there just because he can push the gears hard.  The top pros not only believe wheels are part of it, they know because they have the numbers.  Wattage, drag coefficients, yaw angles, VO2s. 

Can you and I buy those wheels and go that Pro Tour fast? Hell no.

But we can go faster with wheels properly chosen for the conditions that we ride.

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