Hello Civia Halsted

cycle truck

A Cycle Truck marketed to moms

We’re into Cycle Trucks now, adore our Soma Tradesmen, and spotted a 2013 Halsed on Bike Shop Girls blog.


The Soma has a better geometry and handles a lot better than the Civia…

@alex updated your profile to remove the #2.

Haven’t ridden the Civia, but it looks that way. We’re certainly fans of the Soma and the handling, it’s like a stiff BMX bike with a huge basket on the front.

In 2012, Civia Cycles increased the outside diameter of the head tube on the Halsted to 44mm, which allowed them to increase the top and down tube sizes. All of which made the frame much more rigid and stable. I’d encourage you to ride a 2012 Halsted with a load on the front deck and see what you think.

@andy sure would like to—maybe at Interbike. Can’t tell from the picture about standover height

@byron the Halsted was designed to be a “family bike” that multiple people could share (shout out to the one car families!). It was tested/reviewed by people 5’5” to 6’7” and the bike accommodated both people.

@andy are you with Civia? Contact us for more details.

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