Hed Jet 60 C2

Just in time for the Industry Cup Criterium tonight and the Hugga Hookup, Hed Cycling, sent us their latest wheels and we’re breaking the news here. The deal with these wheels is that they’ve got a 23MM wide aluminum rim and what that does is change the profile of the tire: wider is better. And, you’ve got to ride it to believe it, but they roll like tubies. Not only that, but the wider rim makes for one stiff, strong, and bombproof wheelset.


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Tubular Killers

Like the Jet 60s, the C2s are a carbon-winged, aero-spoked wheel, but with the wide rim. Andy, the tech at Hed and an occasional blogger for us, told me

We don’t have test fixtures to prove it yet, but the wheel is better and just plain stiffer with the extra width. But the coolest thing is the tire manipulation. The C2 rim changes almost everything, including the contact patch, which means less scrubbing in the corners (Hed has tested this with pressure sensitive film measuring contact patches). The wider tire also has lower rolling resistance and more air volume to run lower air pressure.

Calling them Tubular Killers, Andy also noted that

when the tire spreads on the wider rim the sidewalls flatten and that reduces their springiness – that results in the tubular feel.

Mike will race the wheels tonight and we’ll have them at the Hugga Hookup.

Carbon Commuters

Besides the whole breakthrough, changing-the-profile-of-the-clincher thing, I’m going to travel, commute, and ride everyday with these wheels. Hed’s driving design principle is “no race-day wheels.” They build wheels that you can race, do most anything with, and not worry.

I think these “wider wheels” will also appeal to the commuter that wants a fast, strong wheel to knock off a few seconds off their ride.

Long-term posts to follow after a few trips. And posts from the race.


Disclaimer: While Andy from Hed occasionally posts about Randoneering for us and we ride Hed Wheels, Bike Hugger has no financial interest in Hed Cycling.


Hi, I would like to know what hub you are using for the rear wheel. This one looks different from the HED hubs. This is very important for me, please respond. Thanks in advance.

They are Joytech hubs. This wheel was a prototype. The production version hubs are slightly different, but still high quality and very well made. Note that they hubs are not the ones you see on Hed’s website. Those photos are old.

Hi, do you have an update on how you are getting on with the wheels ?  Thx


Yes long term the wheels have performed very well. They’re a roleur wheel, as I wrote, and after switching back and forth “stiff as @#$%%.” We’ve also got the new C2 42, which is their 42MM depth wheel. That’s a better all arounder wheel and remarkably the [squoval](http://bikehugger.com/2008/06/introducing_a_squoval.htm) shape significantly reduces cross-winds movement of the wheel.

Any performance update on the HED JET C2 wheels?


Yes and note they’ve since been updated by the latest and greatest and are even better. Check them [on Hed’s site](http://www.hedcycling.com/wheels/jet6.asp). Our long-term review appreciates the wheels even more and especially the C2 platform. While it is a “ride it to get it”  wheel tech, I’m standardizing all my wheels to it.

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