Hate You Bike Thief

This poster spotted by cyclelicious reminded us of the heart-warming Bike Lost Bike Found story. Also see Bike Thief Caught and Surly Mustache.

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Seems like if your going to echo stories from BSNYC, you should attribute the find with a “via”. This one is familiar, as is the “Bike Bike Bike” video excerpt (entire video is worth a watch) from last week.

oh whatever .... As the post states, we saw the Bike Thief poster in Fritz’s twitterstream and cited it. With the proliferation of bike blogs, content like this is in flux and comes in through a variety of sources—ever watch a design student’s fantasy cad drawing take off across the blogs? Like the *beam a bike lane* one or any viral video?

When we get im’d tweeted, and sent the same thing like the Bike, Bike, Bike video from multiple sources we don’t go out and Google to see who blogged it first no.

It’s how it works—we covered the Globe launch and other blogs cover what we covered and so on, but to think someone has an exclusive on a flickr photo. Nope.

BSNYC mentioned this?

that’s what I said!

My point was that since I do like what I read here, I might want to add some of the oft used sources to my RSS list (as it turns out, BSNYC is already there). I often will click through attribs to see what else might be interesting; I think that might be how I ended up with BH in my RSS list.

No hating, just a suggestion since we both seem to like to read BSNYC. I look forward to other postings (and perhaps clicking through to something not seen before).

(Sign above was the topic of question #8 from BSNYC Friday quiz, by way of <a >Brownstoner.com</a>

We have to stay focused on what we do—been doing it 3 years now and can barely keep up with our own stuff. That happened with another video a while ago, where a reader felt slighted cause we didn’t mention that they had tweeted it to us.

You are right in hat tips or via, but viral stuff is hard to track down. For us, we’d much rather post differently and if you’re seeing the same stuff fair enough to point it out. There’s much crossover in bike culture blogs, sure.

The Snob’s take on TrekWorld was good, btw. We’ve invited him to the Mobile Social Interbike and hope he shows up Nacho Libre style with a mexican wrestler max and tears it off on the finish line or something really dramatic like that.

That poster is actually a t-shirt from Threadless. Seriously, take the poster down, it’s sealed behind it. Here’s a link to the campaign:

that makes this story even more interesting. so it’s a campaign? Fritz saw it on Flickr and so did I. There was another poster similar in Portland from I think last year.

Thanks for the comment.

Yeah, it’s a threadless tshirt campaign and I’m so disappointed I didn’t grab the one I saw in Portland. I remember reading the poster and not liking the poster but only finding out the next day what it was. It seems that they’re all claimed now, though I haven’t checked PSU campus yet.

Damn shoddy blogging from us. We saw Fritz’s link, click through on har har poster and posted.

It’s not shoddy blogging. It’s blogging period.

What we need to do is welcome apailthorp to the Internets.

Wouldn’t it be a bit easier & more efficient to use something called the INTERNET to make use of one of the free BikeRegistry services to avoid having to potentially placard the world in a wild street search for something that should not have been stolen in the 1st place??

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