Handlebar Wrap Style


I mentioned this before, there are few things as classy as a leather-stitched handlebar. Soooo much more style than shellac’ed Tressostar finished with twine…..

Saw this on sun break this Friday past in Capitol Hill.


I think those come from Velo Orange.

Does anyone know how hard these are to install? I installed some stich-on wraps on some handlebars some years ago and I ended up with little cuts all over my fingers from pulling the laces tight enough to get a good, firm installation. I’m now looking at some of these for a vintage bike I bought…does anyone have experience with these? (I’m looking at the ones from Velo Orange).

Velo Orange is the only current source for stitched leather that I know of, though the bike in the picture probably has some older stuff pre-dating Velo Orange.  i think Nitto might have been a source at one time.

how hard is it to stitch?  oh yeah, it’s a bitch, but style should hurt a little, you know what i mean?

I think I have to disagree.  I’ve seen some really nice two-toned harlequin pattern cloth wraps, finished off with shellac.

check out the how-to: http://www.wastedlife.org/bike/harlequin/index.html

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