Halfbike meet the Magic Wheel

The Halfbike is Kolelinia’s concept for, “a new experience in urban transportation”and participated in the Seoul Design Competition.


It’s not unlike the Magic Wheel


a wheel attached to a caster. Both of which are like the Spin Scooter or this Black Label Bike Club, freakbike made from a shopping cart. Both look fun for skidding, like we did with big wheels …

Alternative transport though? Not sure about that.


I don’t see why the halfbike isn’t called the faceplant.

Yes or how many times can we redesign the [Penny Farthing](http://bikehugger.com/2009/09/eurobike-electric-penny-farthi.html) . . .

1) it’s not a penny-farthing

2) the half-bike as designed is un-rideable.  it seems to be designed with no bearings for the cranks and either no coasting mechanism or no way to synchronize the pedal arms. and no hint of how to brake.

another idea by graphic designers with zero practical knowledge of mechanical things.

No it’s not a penny-farthing but see all the renditions of big wheel in front, little wheel in back and in this case and the Magic Wheel, that’s a caster. Click through to their site to see the internal gearing of the half bike. So to stop it or the Magic Wheel? What do you do?

i did look at the site before the comment.  the cut-away drawing of gears is just sad. 

it’s like explaining how a star trek teleporter works by drawing a box with an arrow to one end saying “particle-izer” and an arrow to another end saying “re-combine-er”.  it’s explaining how a fairy godmother can turn a pumpkin into a carriage by having a CAD drawing of a magic wand.

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