Gunnar Fastlane - Alfine!


I stopped into my Local Bike Shop, uBRDO, to get a new wheel built up, and stumbled upon the new Alfine HOTNESS!

It’s a Gunnar Fastlane with the fancy Waterford paintjob. It’s built out with Shimano Alfine in black and trim includes a nice Brooks saddle and Ritchey stem/bars. My wife was certain that she needed a Bianchi Milano, but this thing is so much nicer. I want!


I’m told it’s still a bit of a work in progress. Fenders and new grips are on the way. Maybe a Tubus rack? So many options!


Why not get a bike with horizontal dropouts? It’s so much cleaner.

Also, with that stem so far forward it’s a pretty needlessly aggressive bike (considering he’s running Alfine). What gives?

I agree. That is one sweet looking ride. Now, if only I could get one set up for a Rohloff hub.

We got my fiancee the Bianchi Milano and she loves it.  She constantly gets complimented on such a nice bike.  I would have preferred to get her into something more like a touring model so we could hundred mile bike rides, but so far the farthest we have gone is 5 miles.  We will get there..eventually.

What an awesome bike.  I love the clean lines.

@brian - I agree with the horizontal concept, but the Alfine tensioner looks so nice I’d feel bad not using it.

As for stem position it’s really not all that “agressive” a position, and it certainly customizable.

The tensioner looks better than the derailleur spec’d on other bikes, like the [Novara]( we rode last year. I get it and choices are limited, but does look odd, with a non functioning derailleur hanging off a bike with an internally-geared hub. Then again, Shimano also covered up the naughty bits of a drivetrain with bulbous, Madonna bra shapes in their Coasting line.

Internal hub and disc brake.  If you have both of these, you’re gonna want one of 3 features on your bike: 1) slider dropouts, 2) eccentric bottom bracket or 3) chain tensioner.  And in many ways, the chain tensioner is the is the simplest and most likely the lightest option.  I’m tired of people whining about clean “looks” of drivetrain.

there’s a Rolling Jackass tensioner on the Bettie that is a “work of Val art.”

This frame is pretty small. Me thinks it’s pint-sizedness is making that stem look longer than it actually is. BUT (and that’s a big but), the Alfine is also an Ultegra level groupo, which means it is made for putting more miles on….

@Luke: Rohloff no problem! On an unrelated project this next week we are building a Rohloff wheel on some Edge Composites 29r clincher hoops. Total sickness soon to be on our sister site:

That Alfine tensioner can handle a double up front too… also we spec’d her with the trigger shifter, but they have a twist/Revo shift option as well.

I am all for a clean single speed rear end, but you probably want more options if you’re hauling the racks this frame is designed to accommodate, and, as Mark mentioned above, with disk brakes this is way mo-betta’.

Is that a Brooks Swallow saddle?  Nice.

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