Got your High Gas Prices right here!

About town with Bettie, rolled on up into a parking place, u-lock the front wheel, did some banking, visited Alki Bike & Board, and rode some more …



Very nice.  I love the Xtracycle.  How bad is bike theft in Seattle?  My wife and I are moving to Seattle next month.

It’s not as bad as other cities, but that’s changing with the economy. Why urban bike builders in the US, don’t include locks or build them into the bike, like European bikes, don’t know; I don’t have any studies to cite, but I’d think it’s convenient crime for crackheads or someone that wants to get somewhere. Most that I hear about are “I parked my bike, walked into Starbucks, came back and it was gone.”

that is cool! soon I will be doing that, parking on a parking spot. Show them drivers how its done.

Right on and when I do it, it’s not a show or anything; I just roll right on up like that’s just “how I do.”

Hey Will, to help answer your question; Looking at the un-scientific ranking of “highest bike theft cities”, Seattle is not in the top 10.

So how’s the postal property working out for the transport? ;)

It works well —  it fits on the snap deck snugly. We move a good amount of product via USPS and that’s a legitimate use. It’s not stolen or anything like a milk crate. If you click around in our Flickr galleries you’ll find more delivery photos, including a 300 pound load.

Very nice.  (But I gotta ask—would carrier pick up work better for you?)

I’m sure you know that there are a few places in the US where mail delivery is by bike (Sun City, AZ, St. Pete, FL).

Sure it would, but part of our thing with Bettie (and the design study) was to use it as a delivery bike. See this [related post with video](

Can’t be too bad if all you locked was the front wheel.  Most places that sucker’d be gone due to improper and some might say, foolish locking.

@ A Nonny Mouse,

Good point and the weight of that bike is a deterrent. Doubtful a crackhead is going to lift or drag it.

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