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Google+ is heating up, with the new social networking site gaining tens-of-millions of users in the first few weeks. (*They announced they hit 10 million, but that was last week, so I’m assuming they’re still growing.) Today an iPhone app dropped Google+, which will vastly increase the usage of the system..)

But now we find ourselves where we were a few years ago with Twitter—staring at a shiny new social service without knowing where the cyclists are. So, please use the comments in this post to share your Google+ profiles, and those of any interesting cyclists you’ve found. We’ll compile a list based on the feedback.

To start us off, here is Byron (Bike Hugger ĂĽberlord) and here I am (Products, Photo). And if you’d like to post shorter URLs, I’ve been using as a shortener.


It’s selfish too as we’re tired of seeing the same 4 people in our bike circle.

runner, bicyclist, triathlete, and cancer thriver

Raising money via Bike MS and avid mountain biker.  Met Byron at the SXSW Mobile Social.  Thanks for all the great work supporting cycling!

P.S. - $25 Donation to research a cure for MS enters you to win a Week of Free Lodging in Jackson Hole.

I haven’t been invited yet, so if anyone has a spare Google+ invite… I’d b,e grateful.

I’ve signed up for G+, but at this point I’m not sure why. As an individual I’m not sure it makes much sense to enmesh yourself into two similar Social Networks. If one is using these networks as a marketing tool, than I think you have to weigh the cost benefit of the time spent vs. the return you get on that time. One might open “the coolest bar/restaurant in the world”, but if you’re the only one there, how cool is it? I think Google will have to provide a very compelling product to uncouple FB users from their current network.  Momentum carries a lot of weight. good idea

No google plus invite for me i’m afraid, in the interim you can find me either via my blog:

or via my website


Awesome all—will compile this list shortly.

Guy - The power of sharing content on a limited basis, easily, with circles has already, in a week, made me stop checking FB as much. I think that they’re going to rather rapidly make a product that’s very compelling for switching.


and then having that easily commented on and shared without character limitations—it’s like microblogging + and we’re having and seeing “amazing” referrer results. I don’t think anyone expected this from Google.

A little late to the party, but

Late to the party as well….

I enjoyed seeing some of our “willy wonka” bikes make it onto bikehugger last week - let me know if you’re ever back at Google campus again.

I only just got my invite to Google+ but it looks interesting, possibly more of a ‘platform’ than Facebook is (and they always bang on about being a platform).

You guys might also be interested in checking out too? (declaration of interest ;-) We’re just getting started (opened up last week) but could do with your support to create a social network *only* for cyclists…

I want a willy wonka bike! Can we send those to LA? My wizard wonka needs new wheels….

I mentioned above - we’ve just added a relevant feature in that you can record your Google+ profile URL (and Twitter, blog etc) in your profile. Another useful way of finding/publicising G+ profiles for cyclists…

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