Goin’ Tubeless


After my Mavic R-Sys wheels recently poo’d the bed, I decided it was the time not not only grab other wheels, but to go a whole new wheel-direction. This week we begin testing a set of Fulcrum Race Zero 2-Way with Hutchinson tubeless wheels. So far the ride has been fantastic. A day of climbing was plush and responsive. The setup is less stiff than the Mavic wheels, but less harsh as well (naturally) and the tubeless wheels feel a lot like tubulars.

And they make my bike look hot.


We’re going to bang around on these wheels for a few weeks and have a full report.


I’ve been running the Hutchinson road tubeless setup for 2 years now and really like it.  I wish there were more tire offerings / options, but other than that I love the ride and the fact that I’ve only had 3 flats in about 9000 miles of riding them - only one of which couldn’t be repaired on the bike with their fix-a-flat thing.

Every chance I get, I tell the industry to market tubeless for commuters and not just cross racers.

I’m really digging the combo so far. I think that it’s time that the industry went tubeless. There are four wheel systems that’ll do tubeless now (Fulcrum, Hutchinson—which is made by Fulcrum) Roval and Dura Ace. That’s up from a single system recently. I’d love if this really caught on.

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