Goblin bike, pt4: the fork

Goblin fork 01

Will Meyers of Davidson Bicycles has been working to modify my BMX fork to accept a disc brake. The fork is a Drive Lite Fork from Drive BMX, which is pretty light among 20” forks, yet is designed for street (as in trick riding) rather than racing. Will started off fabricating a post mount for the Shimano cable-actuated caliper, and then he improvised some “lawyer tabs” for the dropouts, reducing the chance that the axle could be dislodged by the counterforce of the disc.

Goblin fork 02

The frame is still waiting for the final welding process. Maybe some time in the next couple weeks. My bike isn’t a priority since the shop isn’t making a profit on it, so I have plenty of time to obsess over the paint scheme.


since you’re going custom, you could completely avoid the problem of the braking force ejecting the axle by fabbing the caliper mount on the front of the right fork leg instead.  that way the force actually pushes the axle into the fork. 

in depth discussion here:

been mulling this over myself as my excruciatingly tightly fastened (internal cam) QR front MTB wheel keeps creeping out of the fork ends and only stopping at the lawyer lips.  who knew they’d actually serve a purpose. :D

blast, my URL got busted.  here it is again in case-hardened form: http://tinyurl.com/bt7e

Can’t you just put on some serious lawyer lips on there so that the skewer sinks in??  It’d take some serious force to overcome that.

Plus - it’s a BMX bike - don’t you want to go heavy on the rear brake so you can lay some sweet patches of rubber?

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