Glowing Disk Wheel

HED Disc

I’ve already posted about the cool reflective wheel options at Interbike. When I rolled into the HED booth, they had their wheels backlit - this disk cover was like a glowing alien ship. Not sure it serves any purpose for most of our readers, but I want one, and then of course I need to hire someone to ride next to me with a bright light.


... a clincher DISC?  I’m not normally a fan of tubulars, but in the middle of a time trial, I don’t see anyone stopping for less than a wheel change.

Maybe it’s targeting the commuter market? ;-)

It’s a disk-cover.  Not an actual disk wheel.  Similar to the classic “CHAero”, but apparently light, and thin.

you people are missing out on the possibilities!

you could mount LEDs on the interior of that disc, you wouldn’t need someone with a light to ride next to you.

the LEDs could strobe…maybe different colours strobing. it would be so awesome!  HED could lead the way to a new golden era of dance parties…and bikes.  pro riders would ditch EPO and CERA for MDMA and LSD. Athens Twilight would have a criterium AND a rave.

it would be bright and beautiful and everybody would love each other. i can’t wait.

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