Getting gas without using…

Perhaps the most unconventional load I’ve seen transported by a Big Dummy.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve transported on a cargo bike?

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I carry my daughter.  She’s pretty strange.

How about a Pelican case with cameras, strobes, lightstands, a stepladder, wooden chair and 3 foot inflatable globe :)

Besides all the [Clip-n-Seals we carry with Bettie](, date nights attract the most attention. Pam (the mutha hugga) and I will ride to our local restaurant and back together

Not necessarily a cargo bike, but my burley flatbed has transported many things.  I used to keep a log of things it’s transported.  It’s toted my son’s tenor saxophone to school many days, cardboard and other recyclables, computers and monitors, you name it!

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