Gary Fisher - The Nicest Legend

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Because of his flamboyant sense of style, Gary Fisher is one of the most visible people at Interbike. This has been the case for the decade or so I’ve been attending the show. He’d be pretty recognizable even if he weren’t dressed to kill.

But as anyone who has approached him knows, he’s also one of the most grounded and friendly people in the business. Gary is stopped constantly by people asking for a photo with him, and he always obliges.

He was also nice enough to accept our offer to hang out in our VIP tent at the Mobile Social and drink a few beers and watch a bit of the Crit finals, mixing it up with our attendees and posing for yet more photos with us.

Thank you Gary for embodying what the sport of mountain biking was all about when you invented it.


Dude I don’t think thats Gary!

I recently heard an interview with Gary on Bike Rumor. I was kind of shocked (in a good way) at Gary’s humility, kindness and ‘normality’. You always with this “larger-than-life” picture of him but he was amazingly cool in the interview and I gained a whole new respect for the guy.

Too bad that they just pulled their bikes out of Germany though.

Regardless, it’s nice to see a ‘bike guy’ not dressed like same.

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