We’ve been following the goings on in Copenhagen – watching for bikes, following KK+ - and today stories from Reuters, LA Times, and The Independent realize that “bikes are a good solution for the climate, the economy and the poor.” Or even simpler, “Biking is just the easiest way to get around here.”


Photo: uploaded by KK+

Bicycle-friendly Copenhagen a model for big cities

The world is gathered in Copenhagen for the U.N. climate summit, but Denmark”s bicycle-friendly capital has also given its name to a movement of cities trying to find a kinder way to commute.

Shifting gears in L.A.

Many cities around the world, including some in the U.S., are putting the focus on bicycles for short trips. And they’re making it happen. Shouldn’t Los Angeles go with the flow?

On your bike: What the world can learn about cycling from Copenhagen

If the world’s grandees pay close attention when they land in Copenhagen for December’s UN climate-change conference, they might just find the eco solutions they need under their feet, says Robin Barton


Photo: Reuters Pictures via Daylife


You know what’s really awesome for the environment? Printing tens of thousands of “climate justice now” signs in two color runs, gluing them down to fresh cut pine sticks, and then leaving them in a pile on the street when you’re done protesting.

These protests are brought to you by the letter “irony”

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