From Japan (Part 8): Gifu

(note: the keyboard also pissed me off with some really strange, apparently haunted font that wasn’t rendering. I retyped Mark’s post – Byron)

In Gifu now. The keyboard is really pissing me off. Anyway, heavy truck traffic along all the roads. No real mountains yet. Stayed at this surefly hauted inn Outside Hikone. Woke up with a centipede crawling over me and weird mumbling voices in the dark. Homeboy is a wuss in traffic, just because the trucks rub your packs as they pass. Eating out of Kombini, which is japanese for conveience store. Not too tired — more posts hopefully later.


good to hear from you—I was just wondering where you were. Have you had to bail yet from a truck? That’ll wake you up on a long bike tour.

Mark, good luck on your travels.  I’ve lived in Japan for the last six years and cycle to work everyday. 

The next time you are in Konbini search for “Rippo D”  It is a vitamin/energy drink with a kick.  My favorite!  It comes in a small brown bottle.  There is a large section of these drinks and the label is in Japanese, but look for the “D” and ask the staff at the counter.  Be careful, some of the other brands are nasty!


Reading about Rippo D reminds me of [Zen Nutrition](—check it out. A supplement made from locusts!

Thanks DL,

Mmmmm, locusts!

You’d think it would be cheaper:)

Can you read any of that marketing copy? Here’s [a PDF in English](

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