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Bike Hugger gets all sorts of weird emails, spam, and photos. These photos caught my eye for the welds and the red-tipped frame probe. I have no idea what that probe is doing or what this guy is doing with the probe controller.


The email was written in French, links to this website, and I translated part of it to say, “the testing machine tridimentionelle.”

Any ideas?


Did you see one of those probes back in the day?


It looks like the ruby-tipped measurement probe for a piece of CMM equipment.  I’d guess they’re confirming various dimensions of the frame - inside diameter in this case.

I get to use something similar to this on occasion at my workplace - they’re amazingly precise.

The probe is labelled “Renishaw”, which suggests it’s one of these:
(As gryhrt says, probe for a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine)

It’s indeed a device to take three-dimensional measurements.

Excellent guys—that’s a QA process then, right? Or just getting measurements. I’m also impressed with the welds in those photos.

That’s some pretty sophisticated apparatus, there, and pretty versatile, too, apparently.  In one of the other shots, it looks like they’re checking frame alignment.  The site looks like a high tech industrial company, showcasing the cycling industry applications for some of their toys.  It would be interesting to find out if any frame building companies actually use any of this.

I can read French. Where’s the email?

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