Formula One for Bikes?

carbon%20rotor.jpg I was touring CES when I wandered over to the Intel/BMW Formula One Auto Team exhibition. The F1 team had a bunch of displays for people to touch and play with. One impressive display was the steel disc brake rotor for a normal production car…and the full carbon disc for the F1 car. Talk about a huge difference in weight.

I’m not a big fan of disc brakes, but I was wondering why carbon disc brakes are not being built for cycling. Is it cost? Service life?


I believe that carbon discs only work at very high temps so aren’t really suitable for bikes.

yup, I think the point they start working well is about 1200 F.

Not a fan of disc brakes? Remember, it’s all about the right application of technology. I’m pushin’ 230 lbs. The kids are 90 together. The bike is another 45lbs or so. Add 30lbs of groceries and you get one of my typical Xtracycle loads.

Factor in rain and long Seattle hills and you have the right application for disc brakes. I can tell you that in such situations I sure don’t wanna be stuck with some piddly rim brakes.

The Bettie is built with Magura Gustavs for that same exact reason. I think Mark means for road bikes. Ya know, the ones that hang of bikes like bad jewelry and screech and squeal.

There’s an interview in the February issue of the UK’s Cycling Plus magazine with Mark Webber.  He drives for the Red Bull Formula One team, but he’s also a roadie, which he does to keep up his fitness.  He sounded like any other enthusiastic roadie.  He has two different Trek bikes, one from a factory visit, and the other from a Chris Carmichael training camp!

It was nice to read something which combined my two favourite sports.

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