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That’s me working my “moves” on the folding bike. I’m expecting lots of traffic in Beijing, especially on the 3rd Ring Road. I’ll post more on Flickr when I arrive Saturday.



dorkenheimber extraordinaire!

Other readers have expressed concerned that the cool kids in Beijing, may beat me up. My legs should do the talking on that matter, despite the odd gearing of the folding bike.

Are you wearing reflector straps, over tights, while riding in your driveway?!  I’m with PAM! 

Have fun over there.

Embrace the fred.

I’ve actually found that the folder is really popular with the 8-12 year old set.  They usually point at me and shout to their friends, “Hey cool!  Check that out!”

It helps to be going 20+

And have flashy wheel lights on

Enjoy the trip.


I didn’t get to do the flash lights, but not having to pay for a checked bike is worth it alone! I checked the dahon luggage right in—it weighted 55 pounds. I put my cycling gear in with the bike. As any cyclists that’s flown with their bike recently knows, the airlines are charging and charging a lot, not insuring, and the amounts are random. I used SciCon for my regular bike and wish that SciCon would not say it was a bike on the luggage.

Can you cover the writing on the luggage with tape? Can’t wait to see your photos! Hope you have a wonderful adventure :-)

Hey! The Breezer was hip in China. I think cause they hadn’t seen that brand before.

I have a Citizen folding bike and thinking about taking it to China next month. I should probably look into getting an outfit as cool as yours…

The citizen looks very similar and would probably fit in the Dahon airporter.

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