Flax Bike Mix

Product managers and designers take note of what the Belgians are doing with flax and carbon. The time I’m spending on a Flax Fixed is most enjoyable because of the smooth ride. The bike glides like a Barry White sample in a chill out, lounge mix.

More on the carbon/flax mix from Cozy Beehive.

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Did you see the “rollers” they had the bikes on?  They were mimicking cobbles and had 150lbs of weights at the seat.  It was trying to show how much the rear end was doing while keeping the front end smooth.  I’ve seen that demo before on dual-suspension mountain bikes.  Never on a carbon race bike.

No! I didn’t get to that on the show floor—do tell! With carbon being like aluminum in the 90s, there are lots of *unremarkable* frames ranging from wooden to stiff-as-F’ck. Bike design geeks are debating the merits of the mix v the layup, but the ride doesn’t lie (neither do hips).

I forgot - I snapped a pic of the setup.  Check it!:


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